Our Mission

The mission of The Implementation Group is to bring about a paradigm shift in human services at every stage (from planning to evaluating to funding) so that programs and services are implemented with quality and sustainability, thereby ensuring a return on investment. We measure return on investment as long-term quality for the greatest number of people, a view of service delivery that transcends the short-term viability of a single program. The Implementation Group is achieving its purpose by focusing on implementation strategies, aligning research and practice, and achieving maximum benefit and impact for our clients and the communities they serve.

Our Expertise

The Implementation Group is a recognized leader in implementation, evidence-based practice, evaluation, and strategic planning. Our work spans multiple domains, and includes expertise in education, health, mental health, maternal and child health, infancy and early childhood, infant sleep, child and family services, and criminal justice systems.

We are not implementation scientists. We are implementation consultants that support organizations and leaders in utilizing tools and frameworks developed in the field of implementation to support better implementation practices.

We do not adhere to one framework or one assessment. We are nimble in diagnosing challenges and barriers and identifying real-time and long-term solutions designed to help you achieve your goals. We strive to make our work timely, relevant, and matched to your needs as an organization, team, or community. And we model this process for our clients so that this work can continue as the team evolves and expands.

As much as we love working with our clients, we are not designed to be your consultant for life but rather to become your partner in strategy and capacity development when you need us most so that we can help jump start your progress.


Jennifer Schroeder, Ph.D. — President

Dr. Jennifer Schroeder is a consultant and evaluator focusing on evidence-based practice, implementation science, systems evaluation, and the integration of health, mental health, education, and criminal justice systems in improving outcomes for individuals and communities. Jen was a Founding member and Chair of the Global Implementation Conference (GIC) from 2009-2017. Jen’s previous work includes evaluation of best practices and promotion of implementation science across human service systems both as a Senior Research Associate at Spark Policy Institute in Denver, Colorado and as Associate Director at the Connecticut Center for Effective Practice (CCEP) of the Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut. Jen holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from Bowling Green State University and served as a pre- and post-doctoral fellow at The Consultation Center (TCC) at Yale University.