Our expertise in implementation science enables us to support clients who are implementing evidence-based programs and practices, and to help them achieve quality replication and sustain positive outcomes. We work with clients to assess their capacity to engage in quality intervention and prevention work, to track their fidelity and practice over time, and to create data-informed process improvement systems. We bridge research and practice by translating research findings into the knowledge and tools practitioners need to do their work well, and we enable our clients to balance their goal of sustaining rigorous replication of evidence-informed practices with the need to make adaptations and innovations in program design based.


The Implementation Group assesses the readiness of organizations, sites and communities to implement specific programs based on identified need, availability, capacity, interest, and resources, and we develop an implementation plan based on the needs of both the organization or community and the program. In addition, we develop and implement evaluation plans to track progress and inform practice improvement. By focusing and aligning a group’s implementation strategies with their needs and goals, The Implementation Group helps facilitate positive outcomes and maximizes impact.

Our services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Model & Fidelity Development
  • Implementation Planning
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Evaluation and Reporting

We work with our clients to translate science into effective, high-quality practice that is sustainable and results in a meaningful return on investment.